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At an early age I was introduced to the world of tattooing. All throughout my school years I was getting in trouble for drawing on schoolwork and assignments when I should not have been. I had a few friends back in high school tattooing people with home made machines. I borrowed a machine and did my first attempt at tattooing back in 1994 on one of my best friends. We did a few tattoos but I never pursued it more than that.
I joined the Marines after high school and after my first year a friend of mine convinced me to buy a Spaulding and Rodgers Tattoo Kit out of a magazine. I got my tax return back and purchased a kit. I sought out an apprenticeship but keep getting denied and told to keep tattooing and come back. So I left for Okinawa Japan, and tattooed anyone I could. Once back in the states I looked for another apprenticeship and again was denied over and over. So I just took it upon myself to keep tattooing and see where it went. I tattooed all over and even on a Navy ship in sea state 5 waves. If you know what that is then you know what I’m talking about. I continued tattooing on and off for years until my wife linked up with an old art college friend. He had seen some of the tattoos that I did on my wife and soon after went in to see about possibility working at that shop. I messed around with sweeping and mopping etc for a few months then Tattooed a walk in one day and now 8 years later opened my own shop with two good friends.


Health and Safety


Tony-Stannard_BBPcertificateI receive annual blood borne pathogen training, which includes, but not limited to, information on sterilization of instruments, proper handling of disposable sharps, and disinfection procedures for all work and sterilization areas. All bio hazardous waste is picked up and disposed of by a certified biohazard waste removal company. I adhere to the highest level of professional industry standards, and strictly follow universal precautions set by OSHA and the Red Cross.


I care a great deal about the physical well being of my clientele; therefore, I take the following precautions to insure your safety:
All needles used in the tattoo process are gas sterilized at the factory and are disposed of after each use. Needles are never used on more than one customer under any circumstance. Needles are gas sterilized before use and remain in a sealed sterile pouch until the time of use.
Pigments used in tattooing are also potential sources of contamination and therefore I NEVER reuses tattoo pigments. Each customer gets their own pigments poured into disposable caps. At the end of the tattoo, any leftover pigments are disposed of along with their caps and all material used in the tattoo.


Whether you are looking for Black and Gray or Color large-scale work, complex Asian pieces, imaginative creative custom work, custom lettering or anything in the middle, I can fit your needs. I started Tattooing with the intention to produce custom tattoo art. I prefer to tattoo custom designs created by myself and, inspired by YOU.
I’m always asked what do I prefer to do black and grey or color. I truly do not have one that I love to do more than the other. I truly love to do every style either black & gray or color, because no matter the tattoo it’s always a challenge rendering it on the skin. A few styles that I like to do:


Usually this style I like to use the entire body or a part of the body such as an arm, leg or torso. The Images are used to weave a story or a myth over the whole part being tattooed (arm, leg, or torso). Usually very bold line work is used as well as smooth black and gray and bold detailed color saturation. Big designs of dragons, flowers, koi fish, and other animals are the most common themes. A dominant image such as a dragon that is surrounded by “fill work” and will consist of artistic, fluid-like swirls or black & gray or color. The oriental tattoo will often follow the rules of Japanese perspective in painting that is mostly concerned with symmetry and balance. Also most of the symbols in an oriental style tattoo often have deeper meanings. Such as a Koi representing wealth and prosperity.

These tattoos are usually portraits or landscapes that will mimic the fine detail of a photograph. Mostly are done in Black and Gray but can also be done in color. This can also be called photo-realism.
Custom Lettering
There are thousands of fonts on a computer now days and because of this I try to do a more custom design for each and every client.

This will be tattoo work that features bold black outlines and a pitch of black shading contrasted with very bright colors. A lot of these tattoos will have references from other tattoo artists such as Sailor Jerry etc.
New School
These are usually caricatures or cartoons, which have been changed in a creative way through light sources and bold colors. Usually these tattoos will have a humorous reference.

Usually these tattoos are designs that are black silhouettes. Most are based on ancient tribal designs, but I love to do a combination of both and do a mutation that will be totally custom. Some are modeled after the South Pacific Islands tribal images and depending on the reference it will have specific meanings and the proper research will be needed.

These can be either bio-mechanical or bio-organic. Bio mechanical will often depict machinery of screws, wheels and pulleys that is intertwined with human flesh. Bio-organic is usually images of nature such as coral and microscopic images intertwined. Both use the human body as a canvas such as Oriental and have been inspired by such movies as “Alien”.

Every style above can be tattooed with either black and grey or color. Bring in your ideas and let’s create something individualized to you. All tattoos either B/G and color will be done using bold colors, strong light sources.


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